Pressed parts

Various pressed parts

We condense the knitted wire meshes into pressed parts based on customer specifications. Any technically feasible shape can be created. As key components of modules and systems, the unmachined parts are further processed – either at your premises or ours.

Modules and components

We’re able to combine our knitted meshes and pressed parts with other elements to create complete components and modules. Our portfolio ranges from mechanical vibration absorbers to complex separation solutions. What can we do for you? We look forward to new challenges.

Storage and damping elements

Wire mesh damping elements

What do engines, turbines and automatic production machines have in common? The forces acting during operation, generate vibrations that are transmitted to the entire machine. Integrated damping elements reduce the load and protect sensitive components from damage.

Our knitted wire meshes are ideal for this purpose, because they are highly resilient, flexible and versatile in use. Being a core element in systems for vibration damping, they ensure that you get a better durability of the machines.

At the same time, our components made from individually designed wire mesh packs reduce unpleasant noise generation in plants and thus ensure a higher operating comfort.

Vibration technology

Components of vibration technology

Vehicles, machines and their components are often exposed to the most diverse vibration loads and frequently with concurrent high temperatures. RHODIUS’s moulded and pressed parts made of knitted wire mesh protect these sensitive components from damage and at the same time are noise-suppressing.

Our solutions made from individually designed wire mesh packs help reduce the generation of unpleasant noise


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